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dozendoz‧en /ˈdʌzən/ ●●● S2 W3 number (plural dozen or dozens) (written abbreviation doz.)  1 TMtwelve a dozen eggstwo/three/four etc dozen (=24,36,48 etc) The number of deaths has risen to more than two dozen.dozens of people/companies/cars etc (=but not hundreds or thousands) Dozens of people were killed. Chris, Helen, and half a dozen others went on holiday together. A dozen or so (=about 12) cars were parked near the entrance.2 informalLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT a lot ofa dozen I’ve heard this story a dozen times before.dozens of something She’s had dozens of boyfriends. We collected dozens and dozens of shells on the beach. baker's dozen, → a dime a dozen at dime(2), → nineteen to the dozen at nineteen(2), → six of one and half a dozen of another at six(4)
Examples from the Corpus
dozenI had some memorable test drives after buying a dozen 6R4s when they were up for grabs at the factory.We take two dozen blues and a dozen of their predators, the small green crabs that are never far away.Prescott, the administration building, looked the same, except that there were a dozen cars parked outside.There were a dozen feature films made, with filming lasting from one week to four months.They live, like their ancestors, in packs of a dozen or so.The mood is relaxed-very advisable if you have a dozen sheep to get through in a day.Having only one hand, and having that in a dozen things, he has no other to hold out.half a dozenSunday night he was wild on at least a half dozen.Customer-driven systems also allow individuals to meet their needs in a holistic way, without applying to half a dozen different programs.half a dozen eggsHe found half a dozen fishermen seated under the palm trees at the foot of the Co-operative quay.I still do half a dozen or so of these scarlet cross-overs a year, to this day.Inside the cafe there were half a dozen other people.He had rewritten the story half a dozen times.Perhaps half a dozen were Hispanic, and the rest, black.About half a dozen women and children had appeared and were standing, holding hands, watching me.dozens and dozensThey collected dozens and dozens of shells on the beach.
From Longman Business Dictionarydozendoz‧en /ˈdʌzən/ written abbreviation doz. noun (plural dozens or dozen) [countable] a group of twelve thingsMore than a dozen managers have come and gone.The extension to a wider base has won them at least half a dozen (=six) valuable new clients.
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