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draftsmandrafts‧man /ˈdrɑːftsmən $ ˈdræfts-/ noun (plural draftsmen /-mən/) [countable]  1 SCL (also drafter) someone who puts a suggested law or a new law into the correct words2 x-refthe American spelling of draughtsman
Examples from the Corpus
draftsmanTin Tut went along as his adviser and draftsman.But not all the skills and ingenuity of law draftsmen could wholly circumvent the deviousness of ancient land law.It is, of course, very easy to make fun of the parliamentary draftsmen.However, the draftsman should choose his words with care.For this reason, in drafting a lease the draftsman should constantly have in mind the nature of the demised property.The draftsman did not make the crimes formerly contained in those statutes consistent or create a hierarchy of offences.The draftsman employed several different forms of words to achieve this result.The draftsman should take care in dealing with the option to renew itself.
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