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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraftydraft‧y /ˈdrɑːfti $ ˈdræfti/ adjective  x-refthe American spelling of draughty
Examples from the Corpus
draftyOther nomes never came in, because it was drafty and stunk unpleasantly.His sister said the old residence on Mulberry Street was drafty and the neighborhood unwholesome.There is sitting on hard benches in drafty basement locker rooms listening to the coach scream at you.Why then do I continue to pine for a drafty bedsitter in rain-soaked Islington?The small rooms were cold and drafty, but the livingroom smoldered in wood heat.It was drafty, full of vast open spaces and slippery floors.The Viceregal Palace was a drafty mass of ruins except for the wing that Foundation workmen had restored.a drafty old houseShe went to sleep for a respite, and when she woke up Stephen was in drafty self-possession.
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