2 noun
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a drag

a) something or someone that is boring:
Don't be such a drag! Come to the party.
b) something that is annoying and continues for a long time:
It's a real drag having to travel so far to work every day.

be a drag on somebody/something

to make it hard for someone to make progress towards what they want:
Any slowdown in the economy is going to be a drag on the President's re-election campaign.
3 [countable]DFT the act of breathing in smoke from your cigarette:
Frank took a drag on his cigarette.

in drag

wearing clothes worn by the opposite sex, especially to entertain people:
The whole performance is done in drag.
5 [uncountable]TTTE the force of air that pushes against an aircraft or a vehicle that is moving forward:
The car's rounded edges reduce drag.

the main drag

TTR American English informal the biggest or longest street that goes through a town:
Our hotel is right on the main drag.

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