Language: Old English
Origin: dreahnian


1 verb
Related topics: Food


a) [transitive]DFTA to make the water or liquid in something flow away:
The swimming pool is drained and cleaned every winter.
drain something from something
Brad drained all the oil from the engine.
Can you drain the spaghetti, please (=pour away the water from the pan)?
b) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if liquid drains away, it flows away
drain away/off/from
I watched the bath water drain away.
c) [intransitive]TA if something drains, the liquid that is in it or on it flows away and it becomes dry:
Open ditches drain very efficiently.
She washed up and left the dishes to drain.
well-drained/poorly-drained soil (=soil from which water flows away quickly or slowly)
This plant needs rich, well-drained soil.

make somebody tired

[transitive] to make someone feel very tired and without any energy:
Working with children all day really drains you.

use too much

[transitive] to use too much of something, especially money, so that there is not enough left:
Huge imports were draining the country's currency reserves.

the colour/blood drains from somebody's face/cheeks

used to say that someone's face becomes very pale, because they are frightened or shocked:
When the verdict was read out, all the colour drained from Zelda's cheeks.

drain a glass/cup etc

DFD written to drink all the liquid in a glass, cup etc:
Hannah drained her mug in one gulp.

drain away

phrasal verb
if something drains away, it is reduced until there is none left:
I watched the light drain away.
anger/confidence/tension/hope etc drains away
Sally felt her anger drain away.

drain something ↔ off

phrasal verb
to make water or a liquid flow off something, leaving it dry:
After cooking the meat, drain off the excess fat.

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