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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraineddrained /dreɪnd/ adjective  TIREDvery tired and without any energy Suddenly, she felt totally drained. I felt depressed and completely drained of energy.see thesaurus at tired
Examples from the Corpus
drainedAfter losing the game, Coach Saylor came to the press conference looking and sounding emotionally drained.By early afternoon Leith owned that she was feeling more than a little drained.Suddenly Grant felt drained and aware once more of the increasing ache in his injured arm and leg.By comparison, she felt drained and despondent.Steve felt so drained he could hardly make it to the car.By the end of the day I felt drained, with nothing to show for all my work.drained of energyAlmost drained of energy the two of them leave Kembel, once a jungle world, now just dust and sand.