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drainpipedrain‧pipe /ˈdreɪnpaɪp/ noun [countable]  1 British EnglishDHH a pipe that carries rainwater away from the roof of a building syn downspout2 DHH American English a pipe that carries waste water away from buildings syn drain
Examples from the Corpus
drainpipeBernadette Pollock, 32, climbed a drainpipe on to a window ledge after losing her keys.Outside the church, she was surprised to see Snappy, tethered to a drainpipe.A more effective insulation is to box in the trap and drainpipe and fill the box with fiberglass insulation.No fire-escape, no convenient drainpipe anyone could shin up.On one side it was fixed to a plastic drainpipe outside the Stars and Stripes pub.There is some fine modelling on the façade although the drainpipes now spoil much of the effect.I also borrowed a small silver bowl for collecting water from the drainpipe.It caught her straight across the neck and she probably owes her life to the fact that the drainpipe snapped.
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