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dramatistdram‧a‧tist /ˈdræmətɪst/ AWL noun [countable]  BOAPTsomeone who writes plays, especially serious ones syn playwright
Examples from the Corpus
dramatistDramatists during the period frequently collaborated on their work and the dramatists were also close to the companies producing their plays.It is none the less evident from her poetry that at different times she was visited by aspiring poets and dramatists.Writers and dramatists have always known that one way to capture an audience is to frighten it out of its wits.He had been lampooned by contemporary dramatists.He pictures the poet or dramatist surrounded by a group of fans in the coffee-house.Sentimental dramatists insist that comedy should have a higher purpose than merely to ridicule the weaknesses of mankind.There had been earlier instances of co-ordination or control by the dramatist or by the composer.Yet, in a sense, the dramatist was right and the actress wrong.
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