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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrasticdras‧tic /ˈdræstɪk/ ●○○ adjective  MORE/EXTRAextreme and suddendrastic action/measures NATO threatened drastic action if its terms were not met. drastic cuts in government spending Drastic changes are needed if environmental catastrophe is to be avoided.drastically /-kli/ adverb The size of the army was drastically cut.
Examples from the Corpus
drasticThe effect on the final rent review would be even more drastic.The vaccine brought a drastic drop-80 percent-in paralytic polio cases by 1957.However, other less drastic methods of resolving disagreements are available.Other more drastic proposals were ventilated but never put into practice.Obviously, such a drastic revision created a significant amount of tension at the plant.Start your kitchen reorganization with a drastic sort-out and throw-out.drastic cutsThe council would spend £10m more than Governments limits, putting off the need for drastic cuts.The liberal democrats and labour say their budget was the only way to prevent drastic cuts.The drastic cuts come a week after Aldershot were wound up and rekindle fears for several Fourth Division clubs facing closure.California in 1990 enacted a plan requiring drastic cuts in air pollution from automobiles.C., making drastic cuts in Medicare reimbursement unlikely for now.He is in favor of drastic cuts in social spending in order to balance the budget.In practice it has not proved easy to achieve the drastic cuts in spending that are wanted.Jude Medical and Medtronic gained as federal budget talks stalled, making drastic cuts in the Medicare health insurance program less likely.
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