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draughtsmandraughts‧man British English, draftsman American English /ˈdrɑːftsmən $ ˈdræfts-/ noun (plural draughtsmen /-mən/) [countable]  1 BOTBCsomeone whose job is to draw all the parts of a new building or machine that is being planned2 AVsomeone who draws well
Examples from the Corpus
draughtsmanHer skill as a draughtsman appears in innumerable witty pen-and-ink illustrations to her letters.Then they had a draughtsman prepare the plans and sub-contracted the building.They forget that Picasso was a brilliant draughtsman, composer, colourist.Degas may have been a fine draughtsman, but he was not a painter.I thought he was a very toffee-nosed man, a good draughtsman in a commercial sort of way, very accurate of course.Years went by before he could be persuaded to hire an assistant engineer or draughtsman.Front, and, trainee draughtsman.
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