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draw a comparison/parallel/distinction etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraw a comparison/parallel/distinction etcdraw a comparison/parallel/distinction etcCOMPAREto compare two people or things and show how they are similar or differentdraw a comparison/parallel/distinction etc between The author draws a comparison between East and West Germany and the North-South divide in England. The report draws a distinction between various forms of health care.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say make a comparison or distinction (but NOT make a parallel). draw
Examples from the Corpus
draw betweenOne classificatory device that has been used frequently draws distinctions between church, denomination, and sect and cult.More recently, even liberal commentators have begun drawing comparisons between Clinton and Nixon.John Mortimer made the presentation speech, drawing parallels between Dickens and Dostoevsky.Here Locke draws a parallel between modes such as triangles, and substances such as gold and the Strasburg clock.I drew a parallel between the grinding plates and the grinding, unresolved pressures underlying this election year.Not surprisingly therefore, he drew comparisons between the problems faced by the University and those confronting his own establishment.It is also clear that it is difficult to draw comparisons between the Western Isles and the developing countries.I will start by drawing a distinction between what I will call social science history and hermeneutic history.
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