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draw a line (between something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraw a line (between something)draw a line (between something)DIFFERENTto think or show that one thing is different from another Adolescents often use drugs simply to try to draw a line between their own and their parents’ way of life. draw
Examples from the Corpus
draw a line (between something)Ventura has effectively drawn a line against his own involvement in the 2000 race.However, there was no facility to simply draw a line and let the computer work out the curves.Accordingly, the law seems to draw a line between lack of consent and lack of authorisation.What you needed for her to do was to draw a line for you.With a fork draw lines over the warm chocolate to resemble bark.They draw a line that the public, according tothe polls, rejects.The Office of Government Commerce was set up last April to draw a line under this relatively poor performance.
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