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draw blood

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraw blooddraw blooda) to make someone bleed The dog bit her so hard that it drew blood. b) to make someone angry or embarrass them in an argument, especially a public one Barker sought to draw blood by mentioning his rival’s weakness of character. draw
Examples from the Corpus
draw bloodAnother cause related to blood-drawing is hemolysis of drawn blood.He wanted to feel his fist bruise flesh, smash bone, draw blood.He carried on ripping and tearing at his legs relentlessly and with sickening ferocity, even drawing blood at times.Lee has stepped over zonked-out bodies to draw blood for syphilis tests.Blood banks must balance hospitals' need for blood with the need to draw blood only from healthy, relatively risk-free volunteers.They would draw blood or take little pieces of meat as you pulled them off, and it would burn like fire.
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