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draw level

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraw leveldraw levelDSDGto move into a position where you are equal to someone else in a race, game, or competition Black drew level with the other runners. draw
Examples from the Corpus
draw levelThey drew level after 77 minutes, courtesy of a neat snap shot from Brian Donaghy and the floodgates opened.The big patrol boat cut its engines as it drew level, and the grey-painted military hull sank down into the water.Wycombe will draw level on points with Colchester if they win their Conference match at Farnborough this afternoon.It drew level, then cut back its engine, and came wallowing close alongside.As each boat drew level, we waved cheerfully.The first thing she saw when she drew level with the chest-high partition was a picture on the far wall.As he drew level with the double gates, they swung open.As I drew level with the two vehicles I saw that Carla's front door was wide open.
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