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draw near

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraw neardraw nearif an event is drawing near, it is nearly time for it to happen The day of his interview was drawing near. near
Examples from the Corpus
draw nearThe campaign for book buyers' dollars is heating up again this summer, as the political conventions draw near.Summer vacation is drawing near.Lebed is convinced his time is drawing near.The bailiff directed all to draw near and give their attendance, promising that they would be heard.As the pair drew near he turned and fled.As midnight draws near, many people make their way to church.As she drew near, she called out and asked me the time.As he drew near she made a half-hearted move to rise.Madge drew a little nearer so that she could hear what he was saying.They drew near the bed and stared down at the boy who lay there sleeping in its drifts of tumbling lace.The two men were talking, but as we drew near they turned and stared at us.The rebels hoped that many of the government troops would join them when they drew near to the city.
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