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draw near/closer

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraw near/closerdraw near/closerNEARto become closer in time or space Maria grew anxious as the men drew closer. Christmas is drawing near.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say get nearer/closer:Christmas is getting nearer. draw
Examples from the Corpus
draw near/closerMen prosper for a decade, and demons dare not draw near!The bailiff directed all to draw near and give their attendance, promising that they would be heard.As we drew near and I watched 747 after 747 climbing laboriously into the clouds, I wondered what fate befell me.As the pair drew near he turned and fled.As the race drew closer it was time for Paul to take a back seat.As the habeas hearing drew near, Lancaster County officials' concern over these revelations grew noticeable.They drew near the bed and stared down at the boy who lay there sleeping in its drifts of tumbling lace.Two young boys, of around ten years of age, drawing closer, then parallel, now swiftly passing, past.
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