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draw somebody’s eye (to something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraw somebody’s eye (to something)draw somebody’s eye (to something)INTERESTINGif something draws your eye, it makes you notice it My eye was drawn to a painting on the wall. draw
Examples from the Corpus
draw somebody’s eye (to something)She was wearing - barley - another creating in cling silk, which drew any approving eyes.The shyness, the hesitancy, the gratitude, all spoke in that face which drew the eye and held it.Kip drew his eyes down from the luminous dark green peaks that ringed Long Tieng.The patches shown are drawn from five eyes from four female monkeys.She lingered still beneath the rushlight, the mark on her finger drawing her eyes irresistibly.The table drew the eye like an altar.It draws the eye to any double chin occupying space just above.Light moving air touched my face and drew my eyes to the south.
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