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draw the line (at something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraw the line (at something)draw the line (at something)to allow or accept something up to a particular point, but not beyond it I don’t mind doing some gardening but I draw the line at digging. draw
Examples from the Corpus
draw the line (at something)Once again, it is left to the courts to draw the line according to their overall judgment of the facts.Mr Clinton drew the line at around $ 52 billion.I draw the line at Ppesetas and Ppfennigs.I fell in with those who drew the line at violence.I don't mind a little mess, but I draw the line at wearing work boots in the house.I also needed to draw the line at what I considered appropriate to discuss publicly.The key is knowing where to draw the line before persistence leads to annoyance.But the problem will not be where to draw the line but how to draw it.
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