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draw to a close/end

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraw to a close/enddraw to a close/endFINISH/COME TO AN ENDto end Festival-goers began to drift off as the evening drew to an end. draw
Examples from the Corpus
draw to a close/endAs the General's visit ended, the competition drew to a close.He used to long for his holidays and grow deeply depressed when they drew to an end.The last of the wine is poured; the meal draws to a close.The long gray afternoon drew to a close.The year 1968 drew to a close and with it the life of Londonderry Corporation.As the decade drew to a close, it was evident that consumers were fed up.As the singing draws to a close, the cousins urge her to make a wish.But Enterprise Neptune has not drawn to an end with the successful completion of its Silver Jubilee year.
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