2 noun
Related topics: Gambling, Sport
draw2 [countable]
1DS the final result of a game or competition in which both teams or players have the same number of points [= tie]:
2DGG an occasion when someone or something is chosen by chance, especially the winning ticket in a lottery, or the teams who will play against each other in a competition:
England has been selected to play Germany in the draw for the first round of the World Cup.
3 British English a competition in which people whose names or tickets are chosen by chance win money or prizes:
Congratulations! You have been entered into our £100,000 prize draw!
4APDS a performer, place, event etc that a lot of people come to see:
It is hoped that the new art gallery will be a big draw for visitors.
5 when you breathe in smoke from a cigarette [= drag]:
Maltravers took a long draw on his cigarette.

➔ the luck of the draw

at luck1 (18)

; ➔ quick on the draw

at quick1 (9)

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