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draydray /dreɪ/ noun [countable]  TTBa flat cart with four wheels that was used in the past for carrying heavy loads, especially barrels of beer
Examples from the Corpus
drayEighteen months and he was looking out again for blossoms only this time he did the looking on a dray.They still use the horse and dray, which he remembers going out on when he was a boy.They came on foot, by river steamer and in horse-drawn omnibuses and drays.A big dray horse might be suited to haul a coal wagon, a more delicate saddle horse to recreational riding.Later that morning the trunks arrived by dray, and she spent the rest of the day unpacking.Two former dray tractors with the appropriate black and gold livery will move the roadshow around the country.She had found it in the dray horses and in Barney, who was a singularly unimpressive animal except for his listening skills.Would you mount the dray for a ride in the country, or hitch a saddle horse to a heavy wagon?
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