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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdreadfullydread‧ful‧ly /ˈdredfəli/ adverb  1 VERYextremely or very much They’re dreadfully busy at the moment. Would you mind dreadfully if I didn’t come?2 BADvery badly The team played dreadfully.
Examples from the Corpus
dreadfullyHis face was mine, but distorted dreadfully.You must be dreadfully disappointed!I felt dreadfully inadequate in the face of this material.I noticed for the first time that it was dreadfully long.Dreadfully overcrowded trains and frequent cancellations made commuting an ordeal.Precedent counts for much, especially in the dreadfully slow handling of individual cases.I am dreadfully sorry for any damage I may have caused.To observe that something precious has been lost, covered over, and denied is regarded as dreadfully unsophisticated.Anna's arm hurt dreadfully, worse than when she'd fallen off the top of the climbing frame at the nursery.
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