2 verb
dream2 S3 past tense and past participle dreamed or dreamt


[intransitive and transitive] to think about something that you would like to happen or have
dream of/about (doing) something
She dreamed of becoming a chef.
He's got the sort of money that you and I can only dream about.
dream (that)
She dreamed that one day she would be famous.

while sleeping

[intransitive and transitive] to have a dream while you are asleep
dream about
I dreamt about you last night.
dream (that)
It's quite common to dream that you're falling.

not pay attention

[intransitive] to think about something else and not give your attention to what is happening around you [= daydream]:
She had been dreaming and had not followed the conversation.


[intransitive and transitive] to imagine that you have done, seen, or heard something that you have not:
I was sure I posted the letter but I must have dreamt it.

never dreamed (that)

used to say that you did not think that something would happen:
We never dreamed that we would get through to the next round.

wouldn't dream of (doing) something

spoken used to say that you would never do something because you think it is bad or wrong:
I wouldn't dream of letting strangers look after my own grandmother!

who would have dreamt that ...?

spoken used to express surprise about something that has happened:
Who would have dreamed that this would happen?

dream something ↔ away

phrasal verb
to waste time by thinking about what may happen:
She would just sit in her room dreaming away the hours.

dream on

phrasal verb
used to tell someone that they are hoping for something that will not happen:
You think I'm going to help you move house? Dream on!

dream something ↔ up

phrasal verb
to think of a plan or idea, especially an unusual one:
He was continually dreaming up new schemes to promote and enlarge the business.

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