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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdreamilydream‧i‧ly /ˈdriːməli/ adverb  REAL/NOT IMAGINARYthinking about something pleasant and not about what is happening around you ‘I’m coming, ’ he replied dreamily, without moving.
Examples from the Corpus
dreamilyAfter only three good hits, she already had that soft pink glow around her eyes and was staring at him dreamily.There was certainly something different about this one, she thought dreamily, and dropped her head on his shoulder again.She looked dreamily at the sky.I swerved to avoid a solitary drunk who dreamily crossed the road backwards.When Ludo returned, he found her still dreamily lying on the bed.Instead of producing something his neighbors wanted, he dreamily sawed and sanded something utterly useless to them.In the town library, patrons meander dreamily through the dusty stacks.
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