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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrearydrear‧y /ˈdrɪəri $ ˈdrɪri/ (also drear /drɪə $ drɪr/ literary) adjective  BORINGSAD/UNHAPPYdull and making you feel sad or bored the same dreary routine a dreary winter’s daydreariness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
drearyI was living in a dreary apartment in a run-down part of town.Cooking for one person can be a dreary business, as many elderly people find.It was all dreary, dreary, just as he had anticipated.There was George - dull, dreary George - sprawled full-length on the settee, his nose deep in a book as usual.She might under some circumstances be submissive, like these dreary girls you see padding along in the moccasin tracks of hippies.It can be the dreary horror of ribbon development.This room is so dreary. How can we brighten it up?They kissed her and all had another glass of fizz before Charles started the dreary journey back to Willesden on the Underground.Laurie gazed out over a dreary landscape of factories and parking lots.In the dreary new settlements revivalist contests also provided entertainment.The sight of her filled Liz with a subdued and dreary panic.dreary weather
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