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drieddried /draΙͺd/ ●●○ adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š DFHBPdried substances, such as food or flowers, have had the water removed πŸ”Š dried herbs
Examples from the Corpus
driedβ€’ There it is added to the fuel in the kilns where the malted barley is dried.β€’ The hepatitis B virus may be stable in dried blood and blood products at room temperature for up to seven days.β€’ He looked a mess, his face covered in bruises and dried blood.β€’ Here at the Moredon Community Gardening Centre, there are regular classes on anything from hanging baskets to dried flower arranging.β€’ My friend Minu loves dried flowers.β€’ For a more permanent display use dried flowers.β€’ The Ideal Home Decorating School gives you details of exclusive readers' courses that cover everything from paint effects to dried flowers.β€’ Stir in flour and coconut and mix in dried fruit and chopped cherries.β€’ Dried herbs are convenient but I think fresh ones have more flavour.β€’ Add four tablespoons of dried milk to a pint of cold water, and stir until dissolved.β€’ There were dried sticks and brown leaves everywhere.
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