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drippingdrip‧ping1 /ˈdrɪpɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  DF British English the oily substance that comes out of meat when you cook it syn fat
Examples from the Corpus
drippingIt was always the same - bread and dripping or, when the bread was very old, blackish toast and dripping.She had just finished her breakfast of dripping and bread and a piece of cold bacon when Ben came into the room.
drippingdripping2 adjective  WETextremely wet syn soaking Take off that jacket – you’re dripping wet.
Examples from the Corpus
dripping wetI have been waiting two hours for breakfast, and I am dripping wet.The video also shows McCovery, eyes tightly closed, singing hymns in church or dripping wet after her baptism last August.Poor little Rosie stood dripping wet and shivering.Tony came in then dripping wet and there was another punch-up.Its dripping wets the front of her dress, its rigid head glares over her shoulder.But the trees were tall firs, dripping wet with dank bracken underneath among the black trunks.What a jolly afternoon we were going to have, nosing round people's dripping wet yuk.
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