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drive a wedge between somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrive a wedge between somebodydrive a wedge between somebodyDISAGREEto do something that makes people disagree or start to dislike each other I don’t want to drive a wedge between you and your father. drive
Examples from the Corpus
drive a wedge between somebodyThe lawsuit also helped drive a wedge between Arpaio and Romley.She'd driven a wedge between herself and Guy.Instead of driving a wedge between lovers, a child can expand and deepen that love.Such opposition to bureaucratic intrusion drove a wedge between many working-class people and the Fabian socialists.It will potentially drive a wedge between the Catholic H.E.The papal reform tended to drive a wedge between the educated, celibate higher clergy, and the rank and file.The men of violence want to drive a wedge between the forces of law and order and the people they protect.The deal drove a wedge between the president and fellow Republicans going into the 1992 elections.The war had driven a wedge between the President and his liberal supporters.Romley's lawsuit drove the wedge even farther between the two former friends.
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