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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrivendriv‧en1 /ˈdrɪvən/ verb  x-refthe past participle of drivedrivendriven2 adjective  TRY TO DO OR GET somethingtrying extremely hard to achieve what you want He claims he is not a driven workaholic. as pure as the driven snow at pure(11)
Examples from the Corpus
drivenGregory pounced on Graham Connell's driven cross ten minutes into the second half.She felt guilty about nagging but driven to do so.John is a very driven young man.
From Longman Business Dictionary-driven-driven /drɪvən/ suffix1COMMERCEif something is petrol-driven, computer-driven etc, it is operated or controlled by petrol, a computer etcLower interest rates set off computer-driven ‘buy programs’ that sent stocks soaring late in the day.Changes in the regulations will allow the company to sell satellite-driven phone services worldwide.2MARKETINGCOMMERCEif something is market-driven, client-driven etc, the market or the client is the main force or influence on itWe listen to our customers. We are a client-driven firm.In amarket-driven economy, people are forced to invest by the need to make profits.As the PC market has becomeprice-driven, Compaq’s market share has dropped.Japan is less export-driven than in the past. compare -led, -oriented