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driving licence

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driving licenceˈdriving ˌlicence ●●○ noun [countable]  TTC British English an official document or card that says that you are legally allowed to drive syn driver’s license American English
Examples from the Corpus
driving licenceThey represent a man's date of birth, a driving licence number and an identity number.No, she did not own a car - could not afford to - but she did have a driving licence.Dalton was a lorry driver, Fox didn't even have a driving licence.A clean driving licence is essential.A ration book for certain items of food, clothing coupons, driving licence.You must have, or be able to obtain a full driving licence.When he was seventeen he lost his driving licence after receiving 27 speeding summonses.They were protesting against a new highway code and a points-system driving licence.
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