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drop dead!

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrop dead!drop dead!spokenLEAVE A PLACE used to rudely and angrily tell someone to go away and leave you alone deaddrop deaddrop deada) MXDIE informal to die suddenly b) spoken informal an impolite expression which you say to someone when you are extremely angry with them drop
Examples from the Corpus
drop deadA few months ago, the seven-year-old son of one family we spoke to dropped dead.If this fails to deter the enemy, the possum promptly drops dead.In a few minutes the poor beast dropped dead.She dropped dead; her very flesh had melted away.Livestock are dropping dead in the fields.One day he just dropped dead in the street.They tried to beg, but everyone else was hungry, and they would drop dead in the streets.McSherry dropped dead of a heart attack in the middle of a baseball game.One of their neighbors just dropped dead on the tennis court.It wasn't printed in the end because he'd just dropped dead the day before, in Rochdale Road.I would not care if I dropped dead tomorrow.
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