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drop your eyes/gaze

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrop your eyes/gazedrop your eyes/gazeEMBARRASSEDto stop looking at someone and look down, usually because you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable Ben looked at me in horror for a moment and then dropped his gaze. drop
Examples from the Corpus
drop your eyes/gazeFor no reason at all, she shivered and dropped her gaze.She looks up at him, holds his gaze for a second or two, then drops her eyes.They dropped their eyes and pretended not to notice him.He blessed himself and dropped his eyes as the hearse passed.She dropped her eyes back to the pile of letters.I drop my eyes in confusion.We look at each other, and then, drop our gaze to hide our confusion.I dropped my eyes to my foot, straightened out the tongue, and stood up.
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