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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdroppingsdrop‧pings /ˈdrɒpɪŋz $ ˈdrɑː-/ noun [plural]  HBBthe solid waste that passes out of the bodies of animals or birds
Examples from the Corpus
droppingsI can hear his stomach rumbling, and long to escape among the cobbles underfoot, where lovely horse droppings lie.Gnoya Street still smelled of oil, of horse droppings, soap and axle grease.Coyote and bear scat, or droppings, were on the rough rocky gravel of the road.The droppings accumulate in old pillows and mattresses.As the rodents scurry about eating Douglas fir seed, their droppings are distributed widely in the burned area of a forest.Their droppings lay about like scattered handfuls of raisins.Picking up droppings must be done regularly to keep the grazing sweet.The hardwood floor was spotted with droppings, but still in fine shape.
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