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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrovesdroves[plural]CROWD crowds of peoplein droves Tourists come in droves to see the White House. drove
Examples from the Corpus
in drovesAt ten-fifteen people began arriving in droves.The sunny weather has brought out boaters in droves.People came in droves to watch the fireworks display.Their leaves fall in droves when the sun hits them in the morning, and then they settle on to white hoar frost.New York used to house the head offices of scores of top companies; they have been leaving in droves.Lloyd's has seen its capital base contract sharply as Names have deserted the market in droves after disastrous losses.But evangelical anti-abortion voters turned out in droves for Buchanan and the final count was Buchanan 13, Gramm 8.The hack drivers, who were present in droves, were a different breed.Nurses are leaving the profession in droves.After two years of explosive circulation growth, Soviet newspapers are being deserted by their subscribers in droves.And now drinkers are turning up in droves.
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