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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrowsydrow‧sy /ˈdraʊzi/ adjective  1 TIREDtired and almost asleep syn sleepy The drug can make you drowsy.2 RELAXEDso peaceful that you feel relaxed and almost asleep syn sleepy a drowsy summer afternoondrowsily adverbdrowsiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
drowsyCold medicines can make you feel drowsy.You shouldn't drive after taking these pills - they can make you drowsy.Dmitri was still in bed, drowsy.They were hospitalized after they became drowsy and dizzy.The stove warms the tent up and we become drowsy, and oblivious to the storm outside.He had regained consciousness, but was drowsy and uncomfortable.I began to feel drowsy and wondered about the hedgerow broth.But it was enough to make all the garden's inhabitants drowsy, Caroline thought, yawning.How happy they had been together, he and she and the little lad in the drowsy heat of the meadows.Len had drunk too much wine, and he felt cosy and drowsy in spite of the coffee.He felt cozy and drowsy, in spite of the espresso.a drowsy rice-farming village
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