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druggiedrug‧gie /ˈdrʌɡi/ noun [countable] informal  MDDsomeone who often takes illegal drugs
Examples from the Corpus
druggieHer speech is badly slurred, and the tendency is to dismiss her as a drunk or a druggie.But druggies usually claim to be a liberal bunch, intelligent enough to value breaking the law in moderation.She was nicked in a filthy squat with a load of known druggies.Trippy constantly sniffed, a bad case of druggie pneumonia as it's known on the street.The empty upstairs became the haunt of druggies and our small children would sometimes carry in their needles.They would get the druggies in.The druggies had all gone to Coney Island for the day.What with the runaways and the young druggies ...
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