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druggistdrug‧gist /ˈdrʌɡɪst/ noun [countable]  BOMD American English old-fashioned someone who is trained to prepare medicines, and works in a shop syn pharmacist
Examples from the Corpus
druggistIn 1844 his father left schoolmastering to become a druggist and Hargreaves was introduced to medicine and chemistry.She married a druggist and later they moved to Red Lodge, Montana.Most insurers and health-maintenance organizations compile formularies with committees of doctors and druggists.Also patrons of barbers, doctors, druggists, pharmacists, and surgeons.Other entrants had been apprenticed to farriers, druggists, and so on, or were following their fathers in practice.He left the grammar school in Narberth at fifteen to become apprenticed to a Narberth druggist.
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