Date: 1500-1600
Origin: Probably from Dutch trom


1 noun
Related topics: Music, Technology
drum1 [countable]
1APM a musical instrument made of skin stretched over a circular frame, played by hitting it with your hand or a stick:
a big bass drum
1000 people marched, beating drums and carrying flags.
on drums
Trumpeter Red Rodney was playing with Kenny Clarke on drums (=playing the drums).
Jones played the drums in an all-girl band.
2T a large round container for storing liquids such as oil, chemicals etc:
a 5 gallon oil drum
3T something that looks like a drum, especially part of a machine:
a brake drum

bang/beat the drum for somebody/something

to speak eagerly in support of someone or something:
The company is banging the drum for their new software.

the drum of something

C a sound like the sound a drum makes:
the drum of the rain on the window

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