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drunkendrunk‧en /ˈdrʌŋkən/ adjective [only before noun]  1 MIDRUNKdrunk or showing that you are drunk He was a drunken bully. She was lying in a drunken stupor (=nearly unconscious from being drunk) on the sidewalk.2 drunken party/orgy/brawl etcdrunkenly adverbdrunkenness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
drunkenThere was a new intensity to his drinking and his drunken anger.Many of their beer parties ended in a drunken brawl.Did you know he'd been convicted of drunken driving?Ham dishonours his drunken father, and Noah curses him through his descendants.Just routine, Peter, but we don't want that drunken fool getting into mischief.The sister stood back, and the groom, followed by his drunken friends and hangers-on, pushed on into the courtyard.I thought you might be a Windmill girl ... come to blackmail me about some drunken indiscretion of mine.His drunken night, and morning.The two met at a drunken party in college.He hit her in a drunken rage.A couple of drunken sailors were arguing with a policeman outside the bar.The place was full of noise and drunken shouting.The son of a drunken soldier lived for six years with his grandmother in one room.We found him lying by the roadside in a drunken stupor.A drunken teenager was arrested for vandalism.in a drunken stuporAt last a lone figure staggered out, singing raucously as he swaggered in a drunken stupor.May as well go to bed in a drunken stupor after dinner, same as the rest of them.They left him slumped in a drunken stupor against the church wall.The monster fell asleep in a drunken stupor and Susa-no-wo then cut it to pieces and settled down with the maiden.It was definitely not a night to let a friend wander around in a drunken stupor searching for his car.
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