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dry ice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdry iceˌdry ˈice noun [uncountable]  APcarbon dioxide in a solid form, which is used to make mist in a theatre or disco, or to keep food or other things cold
Examples from the Corpus
dry iceUsing a combination of alcohol and dry ice, the firm has pioneered a safe and effective system to deter thieves.Traditionally, this cooling requirement has been accomplished using slices of solid carbon dioxide, better known as dry ice.Pain Teens open up in a cloud of dry ice that fills the stage and eventually leaks out on to the dance floor.His thinning gray hair was the color of dry ice.And the quantity of dry ice they use, and how much flour the Nephilim have on their clothes!That would drive most of the adsorbed gases out of the surface dirt and evaporate the polar dry ice.After the dry ice had cleared for good, however, grumbles of disappointment could be heard rumbling from the Faust faithful.Graham Gussin fills a factory with dry ice.
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