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dry wine/sherry etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdry wine/sherry etcdry wine/sherry etcDFDwine etc that is not sweet a glass of dry white wine dry
Examples from the Corpus
dry wine/sherry etcA separate sauce is made by sauteing the duck liver with shallots, carrots, herbs, and dry sherry.A wonderful pale gold colour we felt it tasted a bit like a dry sherry.The flavour should be almost viscous for a white wine, rich and succulent for a supposedly dry wine.Order large glass of dry sherry and feel its warmth penetrate toes, making up for rather painful new shoes.This is the dry sherry end of the appointments business.Lindauer Brut £7.49 Made from the Pinot and Chardonnay grape this dry wine had a light golden colour.This crisp, dry wine is a steal at $ 9.In dry wines no sugar is left after fermentation.
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