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dual carriageway

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dual carriagewayˌdual ˈcarriageway ●○○ noun [countable]  TTR British English a main road that has two lines of traffic travelling in each direction, with a narrow part between them that has no trafficsingle carriageway syn divided highway American English
Examples from the Corpus
dual carriagewayEvery major road out of the centre had its tramway running up the centre of a dual carriageway.While all that agitation was going on a dual carriageway had been built between Aberdeen and Stonehaven.The accident happened on a busy dual carriageway when the transporter hit a grass verge and landed on top of one of the cars.Another hour had taken him to a five-mile strip of dual carriageway cut through downland.An orderly life on either side of the dual carriageway, the illusion of an orderly life.And he was just crossing over the dual carriageway to reach the northbound lane when the StatusQuo tour bus ran over him.This prime site is adjacent to the dual carriageway at the main entrance to the port.He drove a wide circle out of the car park towards the slip-road that would take him back to the dual carriageway.
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