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duchyduch‧y /ˈdʌtʃi/ noun (plural duchies) [countable]  PGOAREAthe land and property of a duke or duchess syn dukedom
Examples from the Corpus
duchyBut the duchy also required government and administration during the absences of its ruler.Hastings' retinue was essentially the duchy of Lancaster connection in the north midlands.Some of it was in any case independent of the Neville influence, notably the element deriving from the duchy of York.Because of Gloucester's influence in the duchy, royal servants naturally looked to him for lordship.It is clear that neither of them could call on the personal loyalty of the royal servants in the duchy.The position during the seventeenth century of the duchy of Savoy was much more uncertain than that of Venice.In May 1469 Edward tried again, turning once more to the resources of the duchy of Lancaster.At least two of the men mentioned above had links with the duchy.
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