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ductileduc‧tile /ˈdʌktaɪl $ -tl/ adjective  TIMductile metals can be pressed or pulled into shape without needing to be heatedductility /dʌkˈtɪləti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
ductileGlass that is near room temperature is a familiar brittle material, and modeling clay is obviously ductile.Many metals are malleable and ductile.The amount of shearing or elongation which a ductile material will withstand varies enormously between different metals and alloys.A malleable metal can be beaten into a sheet whereas a ductile metal can be drawn out into a wire.This is what makes ductile metals so safe and tough and so popular.For the more exacting uses, such as machinery, we generally tend to choose ductile metals.Rapid cooling between 22 and 20Myr reflects both uplift during ductile phases of extensional deformation and ambient cooling of the granitic intrusions.Whether it is of constant length or is ductile will affect both the area and the shape.
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