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due north/south/east/west

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdue north/south/east/westdue north/south/east/westSGdirectly to the north, south, east, or west due
Examples from the Corpus
due north/south/east/westThe direction is there, she said when she came down, and she pointed due west.This he grew long and combed up, due north.The main track on which they were travelling led due west for a while and then turned slightly north.Jouctas is also clearly seen, to due south, from the ancient harbor of Knossos.Fort William is due north of Glasgow but the Ben Nevis range effectively barred a direct course for the line.Beehive, another sulfide edifice, is a five-minute submersible ride due west of Moose.At noon, the storm was 150 miles due east of New York City.The road into Mountain Province, due east of Tamarong, zigzagged along a sharp ridge high above the rice terraces.As we were heading due north, we would remain to the right, or east, of that squiggle.
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