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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishduesdues[plural]SSOPAY FOR regular payments you make to an organization of which you are a member syn fees Robert failed to pay his dues last year. due
Examples from the Corpus
pay ... duesLarry Burrows paid all his dues.It's a long way from dirt road to executive chef, but Cimarusti has paid his dues.At that time, enough members paid their dues voluntarily to keep services going.She paid her dues playing in clubs in the West Coast and New York.Singers pay dues of about $ 10 per month and provide their own concert attire.As long as they paid their dues, they did not suffer interference from the Ixmarites.They had a leadership, and members who paid dues and were organized in local groups.
From Longman Business Dictionaryduesdues /djuːzduːz/ noun [plural] regular payments made to an organization such as a professional association or TRADE UNION by its members SYN subscription BrEInstitute dues, which average $112 per member, were last raised three years ago. dock dues harbour dues
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