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duffel coat

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duffel coatduffel coat, duffle coat /ˈdʌfəl kəʊt $ -koʊt/ noun [countable]  DCCa coat made of rough heavy cloth, usually with a hood and toggles (=buttons shaped like tubes)
Examples from the Corpus
duffel coatCocteau in a duffel coat with Chanel.The acrid odour of paraffin, winter-dead trees and hedges, and the strange warmth of a duffel coat.Wearing a duffel coat over yesterday's military outfit, he was feeding hazelnuts to a squirrel.She was wearing a navy blue duffel coat with a tartan-lined hood, black stockings and pointed shoes with very high heels.Dwarfing his bicycle, he hunched over the handlebars, his duffel coat in constant danger of tangling with the spokes.His hair was rumpled, and the toggles on his duffel coat were done up wrong.
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