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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdulydu‧ly /ˈdjuːli $ ˈduːli/ adverb  1 RIGHT/PROPERin the proper or expected way Here are your travel documents, all duly signed.2 EXPECTat the proper time or as expected The Queen duly appeared on the balcony to wave to the crowds.
Examples from the Corpus
dulyThree burly workmen duly arrived, complete with truck and mini-crane, to hoist the heavy bins into position.Jane departed in floods of tears and Rosemary duly arrived, in a very bad temper.Whenever the laws of any state are broken, a duly authorized organization swings into action.The ferryman was Charon and those he would not admit to his boat were the unfortunates who had not been duly buried.He had duly entered the army from school, and seemed to enjoy the life.The culprit, Achan, is duly found, with the treasure buried beneath his tent.The gift was duly noted by the Secretary of State in his annual financial disclosure form.This was duly reflected in the jade inventory.
From Longman Business Dictionarydulydu‧ly /ˈdjuːliˈduːli/ adverb in the proper, expected, or legal wayState officials were duly authorized by the state legislature to enter into the agreement.
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