Language: Old English


1 adjective
Related topics: Illness and Disability
dumb1 S3
1 informal stupid:
What a dumb question.
a bunch of dumb kids
'What is it?' I asked, playing dumb (=pretending to be stupid).
She's no dumb blonde (=a pretty woman with blonde hair who seems stupid).
2MI unable to speak, because you are angry, surprised, shocked etc:
He stared at the burnt-out car in dumb disbelief.
She was struck dumb with terror.
3MI old-fashioned someone who is dumb is not able to speak at all. Many people think that this use is offensive [↪ mute]

➔ deaf and dumb

at deaf (1)

dumb luck

informal something good that happens in an unexpected way, especially when it is not deserved:
It was just dumb luck that we found the place at all.

dumb animals/creatures

used to talk about animals when you want to emphasize that humans often treat them badly and they cannot protect themselves
dumbly adverb:
For a few seconds she gazed dumbly at him.
dumbness noun [uncountable]

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