Date: 1500-1600
Origin: DUMB1


1 noun
Related topics: Cards, Babies
dum‧my1 plural dummies [countable]

for clothes

a model that is the shape and size of a person, especially used in order to show clothes in a shop or when you are making clothes:
a shop-window dummy
a tailor's dummy


an object that is made to look like a tool, weapon, vehicle etc but which you cannot use:
During practice runs, the warheads in the missiles will be dummies.


a small model of a person, with a mouth that can be moved so that it looks as though it is talking, used for entertainment:
a ventriloquist's dummy


British English a move in a sport such as football in which a player pretends to pass the ball but does not, in order to deceive the other team's players

for babies

DHB British English a specially shaped rubber object that you put in a baby's mouth for it to suck [= pacifier American English]

stupid person

especially American English informal someone who is stupid:
No, you dummy. The other hand.

card game

DGC cards that are placed on the table by one player for all the other players to see in a game of bridge

➔ spit the dummy

at spit (9)

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